Introducing ... Buck Lander’s


The Incredible system Buck Lander used to beat Las Vegas!

Win almost 70% of all races you play... using the number of starters in any race... to pinpoint the winner in minutes! (You've never seen this before!) Win nearly 80% of all place bets at casino dice... by using the point number to determine your place bets! (This is totally different concept, never used by anyone except, Buck Lander!)

Do you like to play the horses? How about casino dice? Who can resist a good fast action game of craps? But, no doubt, you hate to lose... right! How about a way to bet any horse race based on the number of starters... and when over 70% of all the races you play!

That's what I did! And I used this simple system to win millions of dollars from race tracks in the east and casino race books in Las Vegas for many years!

Not enough action for you... and how about casino craps... there is a way to win 80% of all the place bets you make at casino dice, when you use certain point numbers... to determine what place bets you make! Guess what... I've done that too! I've taken millions of dollars from casino dice games all over the world... and her Las Vegas into my own private ATM machine!

I taught both these fantastic methods privately to over 100 people... for the past five years... and every one of them are winning six-figure incomes each year... that's thousands of dollars... each and every week!!!

My name is "Buck" Lander, and I've won so much money in the past 20 years... horse racing... and casino craps... playing my incredible "odd/even method for wagering"...

In fact, they are writing a book about how I did it!

Sometime next year Brit Pomeroy, will release a book based on my life and gambling... entitled... "how a real winner did it". Details of my life and gambling for the past 25 years, starting at the New York tracks, when I discovered the fantastic flaw in any horse race when you use the number of starters to zero you in on the winner over 70% of the time! But most of the book talks about my incredible winning since I came to Las Vegas almost 20 years ago. I not only sucked millions of dollars from race books... but I discovered that casino craps suffered one big flaw... if you just play certain numbers... based on what the point number is! This added to my remarkable income from racing... and turned me into one of the most successful players in Las Vegas, and the country!

The incredible fact is... both of these fantastic methods have never been released before, and are known by only a small number of people who have been winning hundreds of thousands of dollars, each year for the past five years!!!

If you think winning at horse racing has anything to do with handicapping... you'll be shocked when you use the INCREDIBLE... "Odd/Even System for Wagering"... and see just how simple it is to let the number of starters in any race... pinpoint the likely winner almost 70% of the time, and win THOUSANDS of $$$ each and every day!

If you think the game of craps is a safe bet for the casinos... you'll be amazed to see that there is way to play, that strikes fear into the heart of the casinos AND WIN... THOUSAND OF DOLLARS PER DAY... in any dice game in the world! The major flaw in casino dice is the betting structure itself... and it's so easy to see once you look beyond everything except the point number... and the place bets! (The point number "directs" you to the WINNING place bets practically EVERY time!!!)

If you believe it's not possible anymore for someone with a simple system for wagering to win at horse racing and casino gambling... then you are going to become a "TRUE" believer... when you see the system Buck Lander used to literally "drain" the race books and casinos of Las Vegas for 20 years! No matter what you are using now... luck, hope or another system... or a combination of all three... Buck Lander's "Odd/Even System" will put to shame anything ever used before! No one can judge what the impact of his new book will be when it's released late next year, but one thing is for sure... those who have this FANTASTIC system now, ahead of time... WILL DEFINITELY HAVE AN INCREDIBLE ADVANTAGE OVER THOSE WHO WAIT FOR THE BOOK'S RELEASE! As Buck Lander says in his book, "I don't think there's any question that you'll see rules change, when the average players begin to clean up horse racing and craps, using the brute power of the "Odd/Even System".

How Does The "Odd/Even System for Wagering" Work.. and what does it mean to YOU?

For Horse Racing:

• You will forget almost all of the old ideas about handicapping. Speed, class and a variety of other factors have no relevance, when it comes to making HUGE profits using the "Odd/Even" system!

• You can play "Odd/Even" anywhere bets are taken... you do not have to be at the track! And, there are no restrictions as to weather, the time of the year, track condition or track class! This INCREDIBLE winner works under all conditions!

• If you are a newcomer to horse racing or an old veteran, you can profit just the same. There is no experience needed. There is no need to know anything about handicapping. "Odd/Even" shows you exactly what to do, and when!

• Be warned, this not like anything else you've seen before! It's different, but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE! In fact, the reason it's different is WHY it's so effective!

• Profits will vary from day to day for one track! The best play and the most profits come from playing several tracks each day, as in a race book, or OTB parlor. Under these conditions... PROFITS CAN MOUNT UP TO SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS PER DAY!

In Short "odd/even" will give you the winning results needed to earn very large, and consistent profits from horse racing!

"Odd/even" wins! It has been a proven winner for over 20 years at racetracks in every part of the country! To sum up, in a very simple way how "odd/even" will perform...

If you follow the simple rules of the "odd/even" method you can win... end of story!

For Casino Dice:

• The "Odd/Even" method is unlike any other approach at casino dice. All the old ideas about house percentages mean nothing with this incredible method! You are not playing against the house as much as you are playing... with the house!

• This is totally different from anything you've ever seen. This is not some old reshuffle of ideas from the past this is not "hunting" for hot tables or lucky tables. This is a systematic approach that turns what the percentage should be for the house, multiplies it about three times, and puts it in your favor!

• The breakdown of profits works like this... approximately 70% of the time you will grind out steady profits at 2 to 3 times what the house percentage is for the bets you are making (but in YOUR favor)... approximately 20% of the time your profits will vary from even to about the same as what the house percentage is (again, the percentages are in your favor)... and 10% of the time your profits will be far beyond normal, sometimes as much as 10 and 20 times what the house percentage is for the bets your are making, BUT IN YOUR FAVOR! We call these situations, "super sessions". And thousands of $$$ can be won in a very short time, when these "super sessions" occur!

• When you use "Odd/Even" method at Casino dice, it is very difficult to detect what you are doing. The play looks the same as most other players, and even if you were worried about being detected, there are simple ways to disguise your play. The reason you may want to disguise your play is so other players cannot mimic your play. As far as the casino... to our knowledge no one has ever been barred from playing casino craps except for known cheats!

• If you wish consistent profits from casino dice, with a return as sure as what the casino expects from losers, the "Odd/Even" method can do that. You can make these profits at will, any time you feel as though you would like to take some extra money home!

The "Odd/Even" system was originally meant to extract large profits from horse racing and casino dice! This is not some cute little system that is meant to just keep you in the game a little longer. This is a serious method, mainly designed for the user who wishes to earn a good living from horse racing and casino craps !!!

Is the "Odd/Even System for Wagering"... for you?

Before you answer this question, please ask yourself this... do you believe that consistent profits are possible from horse racing and casino dice? If you've always know there is a way to win, not just now and then, but on a consistent regular basis, than you are ready for the "Odd/Even"... and "Odd/Even" is ready for you! However, if you don't believe you can win, if you believe the house or track must always beat every player in the long run, then you simply cannot let go of your past beliefs.

These are the beliefs that have been perpetuated for decades by tracks, casinos and a host of others who line up to say... "Our way is the only way, so use this, lose quietly and try to have fun while we, (the tracks, casinos, etc.) make money.

If you believe this way, then please do not order "Odd/Even", because I doubt if you could handle the shock of all that cash when "Odd/Even" wins!

"I've always thought of my method (Odd/Even), as a sort of religion. I have faith in it, I know it will work, so I just apply the rules... play on, and I win! Those I have taught have found this to be true also, even though most started out skeptical."

Hear This Unsolicited Comment From A "Real Winner"...

"Buck, thanks again for bringing joy to an old man's heart. I'm doing fine now, but I was in the wheel chair for a while. I just like to say thanks again for everything you've done for me. I was one of the first you taught, if you remember. I thought you were nuts at first, until I saw the results, after the first day and $1,900 in winnings at the race book, I was a true believer! The best I ever had with your method, was when me an Andy won the $60,000 at the tournament, remember that? They thought we were just a couple of old farts who wouldn't last an hour, but we sure showed them, didn't we! The other time was when I went back east to visit my brother in 'Jersey. We went to Atlantic City, and went from crap table to crap table picking up from $1,000 to $3,000 at every table, and this was for the whole day! Wow was he impressed! I still enjoy a good dice game now and then, and now I try to play the horses with the phone bet account, when I can't get out! It works out just great! Thank you again Mr. Lander and I hope the book sells a billion." C.V., New York, NY

Those who have "Odd/Even" the soonest will profit the most!

There's no question that the "Odd/Even" method will be popular, but how popular and to what degree it will affect horse racing and casino one can know for sure. This is one fact that has always been true... In any profitable venture, history has shown that those who are first in line, those who acted first, without hesitation... when they suspected something extraordinary may be about to happen... are ALWAYS the ones who profit the most!